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How To Maintain Indoor Plants

How To Maintain Indoor Plants

Are you a new plant parent? Are you finding it hard to keep your indoor plants alive? If so, this is the blog for you. It can be overwhelming when your houseplants start to die and you have exhausted all your effort to try and keep them alive. Below we will discuss essential tips and tricks that will help keep your plants alive by basic practices you can incorporate into your daily routine. 

Choosing the right Plant

Firstly, when becoming a plant parent, the specific type of plant is crucial to ensure its survival. Here are 4 out of the many plants that many recommend for beginners.

ZZ plant

ZZ Plants are amazing for first-time plant owners. They are indestructible as they are one of the most resilient plants. They can survive and thrive in most conditions/environments. Because these plants have a waxy look to them, they always look healthy. When placing these plants around your house make sure they are not directly in the sunlight. They work best in smaller rooms with little to no windows. To water these plants, the soil needs to be completely dried out or else their leaves will start to turn yellow if you are watering them too often.


Pothos is one of the best plants one can have. They do not need to be pruned, making them ideal for hanging pots. They are resilient and can withstand a lot of conditions as they are extremely tough to kill. These plants like to sit in dry soil and do not require a lot of sunlight. To water them, look for a completely dry pot of soil as well as droopy/dry leaves. This is a sign your pothos needs some water. However, you should be careful because if you water them too often, the roots can rot. If the plant looks a little off (sad, droopy, dry) even after watering them properly, you might want to re-pot the pothos in a bigger pot.

Snake Plants

Snake plants are another perfect plant for those who tend to forget their plants need water. They can survive weeks without moisture. A sign to know when it’s time to water your snake plants is when the soil is completely dried out. These plants can thrive anywhere as they do not need a lot or even direct sunlight, making them great for any room or house/apartment.

Aloe vera

Although Aloe Vera plants are easy to take care of, it needs to be done properly or they will not survive. These plants need a lot of light, make sure they are right next to a window that faces the sun. These plants also need the right type of soil. Make sure you are buying a cactus mixture when potting your aloe vera plant. It is crucial that the pot you pick allows water to drain as they will not do well in standing water. To water these plants, make sure the soil is completely dry. Drench the soil in water and wait for it to drain.

Now that you have chosen the right set of plants for your skills and time, here are some additional things you should consider doing if you want your plants to stay alive. 



Choosing the right solid is a crucial step for your plant's success. In order for them to thrive, they need to be potted in the correct soil. Choosing the right soil will make your plants happy and your life much easier. There is no one size fits all type of soil. Different soils offer different aspects that only certain plants can thrive in.

Another important step is mixing components such as compost, soil peat moss and other nutritious elements. Another great option is buying a potting mix. However, if you are mixing your soil ingredients, ensure you are correctly proportioning each component.

Light, water and fertilizer

Light, Water and Fertilizer

Light, water and fertilizer all vary from plant to plant. Each plant requires different levels of each component to thrive. Researching your plant and its need when it comes to these 3 aspects will be essential to its survival.

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