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Blackberry Punch Calibrachoa Flower Seeds

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Elevate your garden's beauty with Blackberry Punch Calibrachoa Flower Seeds.

This pack contains 100 seeds of these stunning flowers, perfect for adding color and elegance to your outdoor space.

Watch as your garden bursts into life with the vibrant blooms of the Blackberry Punch Calibrachoa.


  • Bonsai Gardening: Ideal for bonsai enthusiasts, these flower seeds are perfect for small-scale gardening projects.

  • Compact Size: Suited for gardens of all sizes, these flowers thrive in small outdoor spaces.

  • Temperate Climate: These seeds are suitable for temperate regions, ensuring they grow successfully in various weather conditions.

  • Annual Blooms: Enjoy a burst of springtime color every year with these annual flowers.

  • Beautifying: These flowers are not only visually stunning but also enhance the overall beauty of your garden.

  • Spring Splendor: Witness the full-bloom period during spring, a time of vibrant colors and renewed life.

  • Variety: These seeds produce beautiful Garden Petunias, adding variety and charm to your garden.

  • Outdoor Enchantment: Perfect for outdoor plants, these flowers are designed to thrive in garden environments.

  • Included Flowerpot: The pack includes a flowerpot, making it even easier to start growing your Calibrachoa flowers.

  • Applicable Constellation: Gemini gardeners will find these seeds particularly well-suited to their needs.

  • Model Number: Labeled as LMS00-210 for easy identification and tracking.

  • Courtyard Charm: These flowers are perfect for planting in your courtyard, where their beauty can be enjoyed up close.

  • Very Easy Cultivation: Suitable for gardeners of all skill levels, these seeds have a very easy cultivation difficulty degree.

Blackberry Punch Calibrachoa Flower Seeds are your ticket to a garden filled with enchanting, colorful blooms