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Yellow Potato Seeds

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Discover the joy of growing your own vibrant and delicious Yellow Potatoes with our high-quality seeds.

Each pack contains 100 seeds, making it easy to cultivate these delightful vegetables.


  • Bonsai Brilliance: These seeds are suitable for creating stunning Bonsai-style Yellow Potato plants, adding a touch of artistry to your garden or outdoor space.

  • Thriving Outdoors: Ideal for outdoor gardens, these seeds flourish when planted in open-air environments.

  • Effortless Cultivation: Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting, these seeds are exceptionally easy to grow, ensuring a successful gardening experience.

  • Novel Plant: Classified as a Novel Plant, Yellow Potatoes bring a unique and fresh aspect to your garden.

  • Autumn Abundance: These Yellow Potato plants bloom beautifully in the autumn, offering a bountiful harvest of delectable tubers.

  • Woody Wonder: As Woody Plants, these Yellow Potatoes display robust and sturdy growth.

  • Pot-Free Gardening: You can grow these potatoes directly in your garden or outdoor space; no pots needed.

  • Perfect Office Companion: Plant them in office desk gardens to add a refreshing touch of greenery to your workspace.

  • Refreshing Harvest: Enjoy the refreshing taste of homegrown Yellow Potatoes straight from your garden.

  • Size Selection: Choose from small to medium-sized potatoes to suit your culinary preferences.

  • Aries Affinity: If you're an Aries, these seeds align with your constellation, adding a touch of astrological significance to your garden.

  • Subtropical Suitability: These seeds thrive in subtropical climates, making them versatile for gardeners in various regions.

  • Perennial Charm: Yellow Potatoes exhibit perennial growth patterns, providing lasting beauty in your outdoor space.

  • Model Number: Keep track of your seeds effortlessly with the provided Model Number: "melissa original."

  • Potato Variety: Cultivate the popular and versatile POTATO variety in your garden.

  • Bonsai Beauty: These seeds are also suitable for fruit-tree-seedlings, allowing you to explore diverse planting possibilities.