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11 In 1 Universal Saw Set

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This 11 In 1 Universal Saw Set is made from high-carbon steel and being quenched, the saw blade is strong, rigid, tough, durable and strictly functional.

The saw is light and the blade is sharp. It can cut aluminum, nail, pipe, wood, rope, ceramics, bone, metal, and etc.

Of the two kinds of saw blades included in the case, one is the fine serration blade, which can be used to cut metal products; and the second is the rough serration blade, which can be used to cut wood products.

Having been delicately processed, the blade serration is rigid and tough to ensure cutting speed and flatness.

Being polished, the saw blade is anti-corrosive, anti-dust, abrasive and clean.

It cuts even glass and tiles with a tool tip attached to the frame.

The saw handle and frame is designed to conform to ergonomics to save efforts and speed up during work.



  • Saw body: aluminum.
  • Saw blade: high-carbon steel.
  • Blade (fine serration) size: 150*3*0.4mm.
  • Blade (rough serration) size: 160*18*1mm.
  • Polishing bar: 110*4.8*1.4mm.
  • Ceramic bar: 110*1.8mm.
  • Drill bite size: 3.25*2mm.
  • Saw size: 26*10*1.5cm.
  • Case size: 38*16*4cm.


Package includes:

  • 1pcs Saw.
  • 5pcs Saw blade (fine serration).
  • 1pcs Saw blade (rough serration)
  • 1pcs Polishing bar
  • 1pcs Ceramic bar.
  • 2pcs Drill bit
  • 1pcs Screw.