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Rainbow Chili Peppers Seeds

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Grow your own vegetables with these Rainbow Chili Peppers 20 pcs Seeds.

Care Instructions:

Chili Peppers grow into small or medium sized bushes between half a meter to two meters tall. The seeds require a temperature of at least 20°C to germinate.

It is best advised to plant your chili pepper seeds during the cooler seasons so that they are strong and stable when the wet season hits. Start your seeds in a small pot before moving them outdoors to keep it protected while it's still young and vulnerable. As it grows, snip the weaker leaves and only keep the strongest parts of the plant intact before moving it outdoors.

Using a rich soil will help produce more fruit. Regularly fertilize your plant and be sure to use compost and mulch to maintain the health of the soil.

Keep your chilies well watered and allow free drainage for healthy growth.