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White Radish Seeds

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Growing your own vegetables can be an extremely rewarding experience. First, you get the satisfaction of eating your own vegetables, and you also get the feeling of accomplishment from showing off your green thumb! Radish are a vegetable that many people are fond of, but few people actually try to grow their own. The seeds are tiny, and this can make for difficulty in planting and spacing the radish correctly. But have no fear, there is a simple method you can use to space your carrots more efficiently and easily, and you're almost certain to have the items needed already on hand in your kitchen. The following tips will teach you how to plant and grow carrot seeds.
1.Pour one packet of radish seeds into a mixing bowl.
2.Add several scoops of fresh coffee grounds. The coffee grounds will help you space the radish seeds by increasing the volume you have to pick up. The grounds will also help repel pests, as well as help fertilize the soil.
3.Mix the radish seeds and coffee grounds together thoroughly.
4.Add some radish seeds to the mixture. The radishes will sprout first, so you will know where your rows are, and will also help you space the radishes out more when you cultivate them.
5.Sow the seed mixture into rows in the garden as you normally would, and wait for the first radish sprouts a few days later to begin the spacing and marking process.