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Cherry-Belle Radish (50 Seeds)

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Grow your own fruits with these Cherry-Belle Radish Seeds. Each pack contains 50 seeds.

  • Shelf life: 1 year (sealed packaging, store in a cool dry place)
  • Sowing Temperature: 20-25 °
  • Growth temperature: 5-25 °
  • Growing: about 30 days
  • Best planting season: spring and winter planting

Varieties: From sowing to harvest takes about 30 days. Roots are round, and about 2-3cm in diameter, with a bright red skin and white flesh, weighing approx. 15-20 grams per plant. They grow fast, with great quality and taste.

Growth habit: These Cherry Radishes like the cold weather and heat resistance in general. Plant in loose, fertile soil for favorable cultivation and growth. Sandy soil is most appropriate.