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Climbing Moss Rose Seeds

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Enhance your garden with the vibrant and fragrant Climbing Moss Rose Seeds. Enjoy an enchanting visual and aromatic experience with these stunning roses. A must-have for any garden.


  • Unique Colors: Climbing Rainbow Roses feature multicolored petals that create a stunning visual display. Each bloom adds a unique and artistic touch to your garden.
  • Fragrant Florals: The roses emit a captivating floral scent that enhances the garden's ambiance. As you walk through, you’ll be enveloped by their aroma.
  • Strong Growth: These roses grow rapidly and climb elegantly, adding a picturesque touch with their twirling vines. They create an enchanting floral tapestry in your garden.
  • Grand Flowering Period: During the transition from spring to summer, these roses bloom profusely. The vibrant flowers cover the vines, creating a captivating sea of colors.

Planting and Care Guide

  • Sun and Soil: Ensure the plants receive plenty of sunlight and are planted in well-draining soil. This promotes healthy growth and vibrant blooms.

Create a stunning garden paradise with Climbing Rainbow Roses, where every bloom is a testament to nature's beauty and elegance. Limited supply – start your colorful garden transformation today!