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Blue Pumpkin Seeds

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Unlock the magic of homegrown Jarrahdale Pumpkins with our Blue Pumpkin Seeds!

This pack includes 30 high-quality seeds to help you cultivate your own bountiful pumpkin harvest.

Experience the joy of gardening and elevate your outdoor space with these versatile and decorative plants.


  • Premium Vegetable Seeds: Each pack contains 30 top-grade Blue Pumpkin Seeds, ensuring a successful and fruitful pumpkin-growing experience.

  • Ideal for Outdoor Gardens: These seeds are perfect for outdoor gardening enthusiasts, allowing you to create a stunning landscape filled with decorative Jarrahdale Pumpkins.

  • Very Easy to Grow: Whether you're a novice or an experienced gardener, these seeds are exceptionally easy to cultivate, making them suitable for all skill levels.

  • Mini Garden Classification: Classified under "Mini Garden," these pumpkin seeds are perfect for creating a charming mini pumpkin patch in your backyard.

  • Landscape Plant: Enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space with the lush greenery and decorative pumpkins provided by these seeds.

  • Summer Blooms: Enjoy the sight of your Jarrahdale Pumpkins in full bloom during the summer months, adding vibrancy to your garden.

  • Large Size: These pumpkins grow to a substantial size, making them perfect for carving, decoration, and culinary use.

  • Decorative Function: Not only are they delicious, but these pumpkins also serve as eye-catching decorations, adding a touch of seasonal charm to your garden.

  • Leo Constellation: Associated with the Leo constellation, these seeds add a celestial connection to your gardening endeavors.

  • Temperate Climate: Blue Pumpkin Seeds thrive in temperate climates, making them suitable for a variety of geographical locations.

  • Annual Style: These seeds fall under the "Annual" category, allowing you to enjoy their beauty and flavor year after year.

Cultivate your very own Jarrahdale Pumpkins with Blue Pumpkin Seeds.